Entrance to Good Shepherd Church

The Building

At a Parish Council meeting on October 10, 1978, it was announced the selection of the architect had been made by the Building Committee through a secret ballot, and that they had chosen Raymond Moriyama. The building committee had interviewed seven architects in total.

Raymond Moriyama is an architect who is widely known throughout Canada and beyond and whose designs – especially those of the Ontario Science Centre, the Metropolitan Toronto Library and several university buildings, are regarded as the work of one of the most inspired imaginations in the country. Moriyama spoke of architecture, not as an application of technique, but as an expression of the spirit. "Those of us who help to design the physical building of society," he said, " have an opportunity to bring meaning, purpose, value, dignity, even joy to human life."

Gencon Construction was awarded the construction contract and the ground breaking ceremony took place on Easter Sunday 1980. The budget for the Church was put at $675,000. The cornerstone was laid on June 29, 1980. The solemn blessing of the completed Church took place on May 9, 1981 by His Eminence, Cardinal Gerald Emmett Cardinal Carter.