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Bottles and Cans for Wheelchairs

The Knights of Columbus are resuming our monthly collection of returnable bottles and cans, as well as aluminum pop cans, on the fouth weekend of each month starting April 2022 at the church. This is a global drive to raise funds for wheelchairs.

The proceeds from the sales of these returnable bottles and cans will be used to purchase wheelchairs for disabled persons in under-resourced communities. Between 2011 and 2022, this program has collected nearly $16,000 worth of returnable bottles and cans, allowing us to purchase and donate 86 wheelchairs. Despite COVID restrictions severely impeded our ability to conduct the program effectively, 11 of those wheelchairs were donated between 2020 and 2022, thanks to the great efforts of the knights and our kindhearted parishioners.

COVID and other world events have resulted in sharp rises in the cost of living, and the cost of wheelchairs is no exception. The knights urge all parishioners to continue to collect and save their returnable bottles and cans, and encourage their friends and neighbours to do the same. Each month, on the fourth weekend, we request that you come by and drop off your empty bottles and cans before mass at the church hall. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to store any donations at the church, so please do not bring your donations to the church before the designated collection date.

Volunteers are also needed to help with sorting the donations and taking the donations to the Beer Store and the metal recycler on Sunday morning of the event.  If you can help, please email

For more Information please see the Knights of Columbus Global Wheelchair Mission on the Knights of Columbus website.